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abercrombie brussel I heard those Wei Zhiwei youth _

I heard, those are Wei Zhiwei youth
The flowers of youth only to open the season. the hands of youth

- Inscription

"How much is left to miss how much torment." mind illuminates this song, I think, whether this belongs own language to express lament it. Youth as torrential rivers, and never came back too late to say goodbye. Half to forty people, already, we are no longer young. Standing on the peripheral of the youth, the future handed over to us a lot a lot of time to grasp, to possess, to struggle, but, sometimes, we will look back, will aftertaste that an interpretation of the beautiful youth that a melt for Love's past.

Chapter1 wonderful old days Yueran said, the old light a beauty. She was gentle and demure, eyes as deep as the lake. When we look back on her thrush. Her eyebrow too light, too fuzzy face, how Dide Guo years diluted volatile love.

"Last night the dreams of the old days, as young, dash of crazy, wake up out of the window the moonlight, quietly as usual". A while ago, always very nostalgic, look at those old photos, even a dream, but also those lopsided face. Yes, ah, settling down in the memory, always more beautiful, the old days that we cherish the memory and emotion.

the youth dreamlike Suiyueruge

from year to mid-between secretly hiding how much helpless

still recall the lad holding windmill running laugh sound spilled everywhere

now have only a scholarly

still recall that youth towards the sky smile song resounding

now face only anguish

still recall that teenagers dream hanging rainbow the ideal open the brilliant

now gone innocence OK

- the past, do not come back . Fortunately, we can in their own way to study, to commemorate.

Chapter2 habits like

often maintain our survival, is a habit. Here, I am not going to talk about any good habits or bad habits. In short, the habit once, it will become stronger. As West cold Lo said: "habits of more than nature stubborn habits are immense." And we sometimes reason why there will be so many or large or small complaints or lost, mostly because not accustomed to. In fact,abercrombie brussel, put it another way will be very good, but we used to do not want out of the vicious circle has been formed. For example, a food preference, or sentimentally attached to a person.

we are accustomed to using a black pen write Previous page Kai font does not work, accustomed to a meeting does not sit in the first row of the habit of reading a book in the library a window seat in the corner. The ......

those habits, sometimes do not want to change.

used to like The.

If you are not accustomed to, we can also try to habit or develop another habit.

no longer the young man we want to get used to everything around yourself or things change. Treat yourself, learn to happiness.

Chapter3 flowers open

I like to travel, but did not really practice a person's travel. However, this does not prevent me joy in it. Especially in fair-weather, Wai Fung Cheong, spring day, and I enjoyed the free and unconstrained, the journey of a pedestrian.

only is so youthful time, we can be more than a dozen individuals or riding a bike or walk to close to nature, to feel the energy, passion and hope.

I am very fortunate to have in the years of youth, met a group of dedicated and sincere friends. Only in front of them, I was so unassuming uninhibited, free and easy and domineering. Gently on the grass, the dough breeze seems to evoke those yesterday to reproduce.

white brother said, we need to endure years. Premature entry into two of the world ought to feel the collective friendship time wasted, then happy love marriage, after retrospect or shortcoming.

flowers to bloom, even though we appreciate is later withered later. The youth is the same, it is a journey, we must take a step, they were no longer, so do the right thing in this age, it will be enough.

Chapter4 joy

silence youth with a strawberry, sweet and sour.

that age, girls like to peek at the boys playing basketball, boys like deliberately hot girls he likes.

and quietly hid love letters sent by someone else, pretending anger and disdain, but quietly hiding in the corner watching, and then red in the face, and hide until the last not knowing where to put.

We like the white shirts for boys, like the figure jumping him play like him attentively think the problem focused expression.

fantasy day in a basketball court for the boy wipes the sweat has been quietly peek at his silhouette, but filled with all seriousness.

we begin to have their own lockable diary when nothing shut himself in a small room, not allowing people to freely enter.

crush on the tall good physical education teacher and less love sports, but always try performing well in physical education.

blatant like children and our general math teacher, taking advantage of the teacher right, to the office to ask a question more than two hours.

- a heavy rain drenched us by surprise, looked back and found:

We've been in the rainy season.

Mountains months I do not know the heart things often trounced freely.

In fact, in retrospect, have been relieved. These, slightly shy memory, just a period as usual, but the experience.

Chapter5 Bana open

life is not like a fairy tale. It is always a step by step according to its own trajectory run, and we have no way to impose. , You can tell there are too many things about the youth. Just omitted here ten thousand words.

between life Bana bloom, whatever you did not see. However, later and later, you still feel the Bowl, how good. However, we also know that, as shown signs of life impossible Wing.

Some people, some things, meet as miss, or is better to stay in the memory.

time powerful, will smooth everything slowly, all the pain and joy, ultimately, only left vague Fragment.

Chapter6 I can not not miss

those passing the time, but sometimes,abercrombie belgium, I can not help miss.

OK so time always flies happy so the pain will unknowingly. Chalk on the blackboard, small nicks in the seat are beautiful crystals. Dig flowers, flowers wither in winter. Our play is always too big, prompted us to forget too much. We are a little beast, always anxious and restless. We have canine claws, we have the arrogant and proud, because we are young. Youth what a wonderful, wonderful as a can of fruit sugar. The unscrupulous laughter always doped Banzhe tears yixingbandian. The time like quicksand fine, quietly disappeared. Always decked out in a brilliant night sky bright stars, under the stars always have a pair of eyes. I remember that time, happy to forget time. The concept of time, we never knew, and perhaps did not want to know. We squandered, joyful overflowing OK. We are enjoying, enjoying countless laughter.

Chapter7 aground shallow sadness

After the arrogance of youth, I left, a touch of sadness. Occasionally look back on their own to have this done in a long time, or will some of the so-called faint melancholy and sadness.

I'm actually quite optimistic about the bones is implicit point sad.

maybe youth is not sad, just be interpreted as that.

perhaps sadness, confusion, and it can be called true youth. I have always felt that everything is compatible, and should have at that age and experience things, we should frankly pursuit. Of course, I was the lucky, not my life.

chasing the brightest stars, do not forget the flowers on the side of the road.

as we often imitate sadness. We secretly read Rao nasty, GJM, Ming Xiaoxi, we do this tears in a dream at night, tears crashed down, full wet pillow.

Now, all look plain, simple happiness. Still, but also the a adhere mind.

Finally, the stranded shallow sad.

Chapter8 In fact, I would go brave little

In fact, I've been very brave, even courageous than even I imagined.

looks young, but the heart is very old. Such vicissitudes of natural reason. However, thanks to several big joke of fate had given me open, make me stronger. The reason why some autistic, because I do not want to tell me something to others. In short, everything will be over, everything will be okay. I do not need sympathy, not in need of comfort, all eventually relieved.

so many years, I should by used to so much, so much, needless to enumerate. I've frankly on the sidelines of the happiness of others trivial, after all, I also have severely happiness can grasp. Thus, even in heaven they can With a smile in peace.

here, I think, Xie Xie Suping teacher. I always identify with her words, I can appreciate her share of the feelings that we very much like. After listening to her words often can not help but cry, perhaps, as she put it, so mutual support and common progress.

Chapter9 my youth I call the shots

regardless of whether they once wasted years, however, have no regrets. Life this string of prayer beads, smiled and finished enough.

youth talking about this topic, I can think about is the ups and downs of the scene. Together with the youth through the day is full of surprises and delights, but there are also countless troubles and sorrow. What is the youth, youth make us cried smile, laugh after efforts to find happiness. Youth is an old song, and everyone has sung; youth is a beautiful flower, everyone used to bloom too! I believe that the youth will not lie to us, when we are struggling to want to give up, the youth is a tortuous and long mountain road, at every step there are so many surprises. We always firm up efforts to dash forward. Remember, our youth will always belong to us, the youth is up to us to create a miracle. Even if there will be a day, time will take away our youth. But at least we now have and always trying, I would like to have one of these days, I will be sitting in the top spot on the success, I recall my youth trivia! The money demo once said: "My youth who call the shots!" Do not doubt our youth will always belong to us, we have to have the courage to create it, and make him more valuable ~ ~ ~ Let us shouting: my youth, I call the shots ! ! ! My youth, I call the shots. Of course, this is not an absolute freedom, we have to be responsible for their own dreams of working hard.

Chapter10 corner of the eye to the future

Looking back at the road traveled, can not help but have some mixed feelings the tears feel overflow on the long dry. A few silent in the heart: step, two steps, three steps, each section of the road, some scenery, every tear,hollister stockholm, every point bearing in mind. Wind bright cheerful ran clear of rain in a sad cry, How about you? Crying or laughing?

Perhaps everyone will have the same doubts. When one day, like the song is no longer listened to; One day when hearts desire becomes unimportant; When one day,Billige MBT, love strangers ... reaching for the sky will be as blue you?

In fact, only when seen the vicissitudes of life, we can Lengnuanzizhi only unforgettable understand that the earth will not stop spinning, the ocean does not stop the tide, sad no more, not happy would be less.

future, in the face of all the brave break, the injured how, at least I am magnanimous I am strong.

I heard, those are Wei Zhiwei youth.

youth this too hasty book.

Anyway, life goes on, Ye Hao hot cold Ye Hao to Live. The future is still a sky blue.

- like to this article, cause we are about lost youth.


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